Utah Scalable Computer Systems Lab

Joining the Lab

PhD Students

Our lab is always looking for talented PhD students, especially those that are interested work at the intersection of distributed systems, databases, and operating systems. To join, students must first be admitted to the School of Computing at the University of Utah. Interested, admitted students should email Professor Stutsman.

Masters Students

Our lab has hosted several Masters students, though funding for research assistantships are prioritized for PhD students. As a result, MS students are generally expected to have some prior history with the lab before taking on responsibilities within the lab. For example, MS students that successfully contribute to the lab typically have taken a graduate course with Professor Stutsman, and have shown aptitude in preliminary background work performed as part of an independent study with him.

Undergraduate Students

Our lab has hosted several undergraduates in a variety of capacities, and our lab generally tries to host one or two undergraduate researchers at a time. Capacity to host students is necessarily capped to ensure students receive enough attention to be successful, but, aside from undergraduate-level experience in the area of computer systems, only limited background is needed. Having prior contact with Professor Stutsman through his courses can help provide a context to get started.

Generally, undergraduates working as part of our lab will initially work alongside a graduate student, and multiple undergraduates have played key roles in our research efforts. Professor Stutsman's research career was bootstrapped through undergraduate research and mentoring by both faculty and graduate students. Undergraduates we host can often be paid when there is a well-defined project they can work on either through NSF REUs or through Utah's UROP program.

Regardless of your interests or the lab's capacity to host students, if you are interested in undergraduate research in any capacity with any faculty at Utah please feel free to reach out to Professor Stutsman. He's always happy to try to help you find ways to get connected to faculty and research at Utah.