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Sandstorm - NSF CAREER CSR-1750558

Businesses are moving data and applications into the cloud, meaning that many applications and data are consolidated efficiently in one place on fewer servers. Cloud storage services must keep the data of thousands of customers separated while also allowing customers to operate on it efficiently. Safely intermixing customer-provided operations over data is problematic. Historically, processor hardware isolates programs, but increasing data access rates make that costly. The goal of this project is to sidestep legacy isolation costs with a new approach to storage that allows safe operation on data without hardware protection using recent advances in programming languages. It combats data movement between disaggregated storage and compute nodes with untrusted tenant extensions pushed to Sandstorm, a new cloud storage system. Sandstorm's insight is that storage extensions can use language-level isolation to eliminate hardware isolation overheads that cannot be avoided today: not with virtual machines, containers, nor serverless Lambdas. Sandstorm also eliminates copying data for safety, so extensions benefit from low-level hardware functionality like zero-copy network transmission. The project will develop multitenant benchmarks, low-cost performance-isolated concurrency mechanisms for multicores, techniques to minimize data movement within servers, storage extensions that demonstrate the benefits, and distributed extensions over clusters. The overall goal is for Sandstorm to enable any cloud developer to accelerate data-intensive applications like real-time social network and natural graph analysis and fine-grained coordination of hundreds of thousands of autonomous vehicles.


Memshare is a drop-in memcached replacment with first class support for multi-tenancy. Memshare's unique combination of in-memory cleaning and online per-tenant hit rate curve profiling give it better hit rates than exsiting caches even while it allows the cache operator to control QoS, sharing, and isolation between applications.


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